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Welcome to mwilliams_ff!


I'm Ann and since, FF is down right now, I thought I might start up a community, I'm kinda missing the Michelle board and I guess, a lot of you are too ;) It's taking longer than I expect, so feel free to chat for the time being and when we get back the board, I know our posts are going to be wonderful :D

Here's an introduction form, I thought that might help introduce us to each other....

LJ Name:
FF Name:
Real Name:
Anything you might want to add:

LJ Name: PJ_Believer
FF Name: PJ_Believer
Real Name: Ann
Anything you might want to add: I'm missing FF so much :(


1) Please refrain from bashing Michelle. This is a community and board that respects Michelle.
2) Be nice ;)
3) One entry to a topic and if it goes over about 150, I'll close it.
4) More importantly, Have Fun!
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